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Sunshine Action UK is always looking for new people to get involved! One of the ways you can help is by volunteering at one of our events. Follow our social media accounts to find out when the next event is happening near you. 



Most of our upcoming events will focus on food poverty relief for homeless people and low-income families. These events require lots of volunteers to assemble, pack and distribute our fortune bags. For each event you will be needed for a few hours over one or two consecutive days. 


We are keen to encourage long-term commitment amongst volunteers as our goal is to help people on a regular basis. Taking part in our events is great fun as you get to meet lots of other like-minded volunteers whilst helping the most vulnerable in society.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us, please contact us:


As a small charity, we do not receive any government subventions. Our projects are 100% funded by the general public and by companies. We are also run solely by volunteers, meaning that there are no paid employees at Sunshine Action. This ensures that your money goes directly to provide materials to help people living in extreme poverty.


We would appreciate all the help we can get - so, if you feel that your company can help in efforts please do reach out to us! When you volunteer for us and contribute to our events at Sunshine Action UK, you are helping thousands of people in need. Our programs target a broad demographic of those experiencing poverty.


Our humanitarian work will also help your company achieve its charitable targets. We would love to hear from anybody who may be interested in partnering with us!

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